The Experiment. Part One

April 5, 2011 at 5:17 am (Insomnia)

So I just watched a thought-provoking movie about a social experiment. The question raised was how evolved are we when we are reduced to only our perceptions.

In this movie, the experiment played out in a prison setting. Two groups of men, who had never been incarcerated, were divided up into the inmates and the guards. Little instruction was given, and only the guards had specific parameters in which to operate.

As you can imagine those with power sought more and those whose civil rights were being systematically eradicated ultimately rose up against their oppressors.

I can see the allure of the guards. They initially began their duties only trying to perform a set of simple instructions from which they were given. Little direction and autonomy proved to be disastrous. The guards ultimately redefined what right and wrong must be based on their perceptions of what it might be to ultimate authority.

The parallels I can draw from this complex question of the definition of right and wrong could occupy my mind for days. I can go from the conceptual to the specific and wrestle with my stance indefinitely.

For example, the ultimate antagonist was cast as a “devout Christian” of course, why miss the low hanging fruit. He ultimately became sick with power and denied his principles and what he claimed to have understood about morality.

However, how many Christians have persecuted those in the name of Christ yet ultimately have no basic understanding of what His love stands for? How much harm has been done to others in the name of Christ?

More to come…I have much more to digest. As if anyone is reading this anyway.


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