If a tree falls….does anyone read my stupid blog?

May 27, 2011 at 4:42 am (Insomnia) ()

Hard to know what exactly to write tonight. I am exhausted yet wide awake. Reveling in a period of uncertainty and fear. My mind becoming more isolating than ever before trapped in a medication that I distrust. Seems rather dark but in suppose it doesn’t have to be. I should be able to find the quality in just about any situation,I mean I’ve been in worse places. Much worse.

Yet all the while I keep sinking deeper into the depths of a mind that I dont understand much less anyone else try to decipher. I look into the mirror of my soul and I see nothing. No reflection. I read books about great men who endured my worst nightmares and they maintained their fortitude. They were either great men or I am the antithesis. Not hard to imagine which one that might be.

Until the hope shows…..


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May 25, 2011 at 7:25 pm (Thunk About It)

Hard to talk about my hairry babies. Samson has to be the best dog on earth. Loyal, protective fierce but his sole mission in life is to be by his families side, mostly my wife’s and put his head on her lap. Herein lies the problem, he is supposed to be MY dog. I can only attribute his Benedictine tendencies to my rather hectic travel schedule. I suppose he thinks I am abandoning him once a week for a few days. However, I have heard of dogs who travel miles and miles to be with their owners. He simply waits until I leave then takes my side of the bed.
All derelict affronts aside he is still the best dog in the world.


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