If a tree falls….does anyone read my stupid blog?

May 27, 2011 at 4:42 am (Insomnia) ()

Hard to know what exactly to write tonight. I am exhausted yet wide awake. Reveling in a period of uncertainty and fear. My mind becoming more isolating than ever before trapped in a medication that I distrust. Seems rather dark but in suppose it doesn’t have to be. I should be able to find the quality in just about any situation,I mean I’ve been in worse places. Much worse.

Yet all the while I keep sinking deeper into the depths of a mind that I dont understand much less anyone else try to decipher. I look into the mirror of my soul and I see nothing. No reflection. I read books about great men who endured my worst nightmares and they maintained their fortitude. They were either great men or I am the antithesis. Not hard to imagine which one that might be.

Until the hope shows…..


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